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Reconciling sales, communication, the Coronavirus and the post-Coronavirus.
What kind of communication and what kind of sales systems are and will be adequate in the emergency situation we are experiencing?
We must continue to communicate and propose an e-commerce service integrated with Social Media, where to transmit:
• Be reassuring
Communicate and reach customers and reassure them. The company is there, it is aware of the situation and understands its gravity. You have to put yourself in your client’s shoes, try to understand their concerns and respond with empathy.
• Protect the continuity of relationships
Now is not the time to focus solely on sales results. Rather, we need to focus on the relationship with the customer and on maintaining “Brand Loyalty”. We are in a period in which more than ever a large amount of time is spent online and especially on social media. It makes sense, therefore, to use these means to make users remember their brand in various ways.
• Take the opportunity to improve
It is therefore necessary to take advantage of this moment of forced slowdown to rethink and improve one’s communication and sales systems.

Who we are


Arredo & Lusso has been present on the Russia and Csi market for over 25 years, where it has operated as a representative agency, with an office in Moscow.
Over the years we have had several companies in our portfolio such as: Doimo Salotti, Arflex, MobilGam spa, Arte Antiqua, Target Point, Olivieri Mobili, Unico Italia, Bk Italia, Zappalorto Cucine, Banci, Stella del Mobile, Tosato, Stilema, Devina Nais and others. .


By virtue of the great changes in the Russia and CSI market, the ways of purchasing by customers, the enormous use of social media, the speed at which everything changes, we have decided to take a step towards new and current sales techniques, which they are perfectly suited to a huge and vast country like Russia. (All data relating to the use of Social Media, the ever-increasing use of online purchases, trends in the coming years, etc. are also documented by Federlegno).
Change the sales tools, change the approach with the customer, change in the sense of being open and ready for a new evolution of the market.
We have ceased the activity of the Agency and united the Tradition with the Future, creating this platform .. The changes must be faced by changing !!!



The New website (E Commerce- Dropshipping) for the Russian and Csi market.
• From a technical / operational point of view it is an E-Commerce in Dropshipping mode, as the customer buys and pays online.
• In its substantial form and setting, each individual company has its own dedicated page and shop.
B2B E Commerce aimed at well-known and known customers.
To know the prices, the customer must register and will be recognized, so we will act as a filter between professionals and private individuals.
There will not be the usual thousand products to select, from one hundred companies and between price levels.
It is your showcase where you can exhibit your products and make them visible to a wide audience of customers.
There is the section: Your Customized (Contract) where the traditional sales and contact system with Arredo & Lusso and the Moscow office remains.
The Target is a clientele of industry professionals who have been buying furniture, lighting and furnishing accessories in a traditional way for many years.
Our customers are, “Real” people known over the years.

Social Media


One of the strengths of the activity is that we are active and interactive on various Social Media, as well as Russian Social Media, also on 34 platforms of Studio Architetti, Interiors Design, Russian and Csi sector magazines, on which the various articles in your catalog, new models, news and events, etc. not with the aim of having many “Likes” but to make the product very visible and to dialogue with visitors, with customers, asking for information and opinions, proposing our products and making the dialogue constructive.

The target


We will make sure that your hundreds and hundreds of catalogs distributed over the years (for companies that have been present for some time) do not remain stuck on customer libraries in the midst of a thousand other catalogs !!
We will make a very limited use of catalogs for companies that want to enter the markets.
We will ensure that the Designer, the Architect, the Shop will go in search of your Catalog.
They will be virtual customer visits to great effect.
We are present in Moscow with the Customer Service Office.
We give logistical support and transport suggestions to customers.
We use the major online payment systems active in Russia.
Customers know us and we are a guarantee of trust and reliability acquired over many years of mutual collaboration, which wants to continue, offering new services.