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Il Manifest for customers.


Click it, helps you focus attention on the product.
Products of various styles, products you know, which for many reasons,
they remain on the sidelines in the face of a huge offer.
* You have, always updated catalogs and price list.
* You have net prices factory , no more worry about the discount.
* You have useful information to make an order, without wasting time and you can also do it with your close customer.
• You have your pro Forma ready at the time of order.
* You have, the Ready price for every size and finish available, with one Click.
* You have all available finishes and fabrics with one Click.
* You have, your custom, for all the needs to make, modify, change, create your project, a kitchen , a bathroom, a walk-in closet, a complete decor.
* You have the support of the our Moscow office.
Won’t that be enough ? Contact us.


You will have to register to the site and you will have your Password and you will be able to browse and use all the services.
No chance to register ?
Email us or call our Moscow office.
Can’t find the phone from the Moscow office ? Telephone in Italy.
Or text us about what’s going on or Skype or Viber.


Propose new ways and systems of sale.
Have great prices and conditions.
Make your work simple and fast.
Have your net price, choosing, sizes, categories fabrics or finishes.
Always have all the PDF catalogs-PDF fabrics-pdf finishes-product data sheets at a click.
Have for many companies 3 D models available.
Be always up to date.
How many times do you ask yourself these questions:
Can’t find the catalog I need ?
Can’t find the price list ?
But what discount did they give me ?
The samples finishes and fabrics where are they ?
Who’s the agent ? Click it …..the answer to your questions..