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Atipico is an Italian company specialized in the creation of design furnishing accessories.
Woven wool, furnishing accessories, a laid table, the touch of the material under the fingers, Atipico is an idea that escapes the usual interpretative paths. An armchair that transmits its comfort in an irresistible, almost telepathic way, a lighted lamp. Tables, coffee tables, round, oval, large, small. Mirrors, candlesticks and lanterns rebound traces of lights and shadows as in a dream. And then vases, boxes, containers, trays, to hold everything that accompanies life. Each object is contextualized, in order to last over time, to excite: it should not simply be exposed, because otherwise it loses its poetry. Then he poses and waits, communicates with others, for consistency and simplicity: at the base there is a common thread that binds them.